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Welcome to Change My Org!

Thank you for your interest in changing the world. Firstly, we want to let you people know that the point of this wiki is to not lash your confessions or outrage towards your parent organisation. We want this wiki to list out facts - yes, facts and only that so that the content in this page can be held accountable for. Think about it, you can bring in a positive change by quoting in facts as it makes it difficult for the opposition to deny. Sticking to facts can help prevent vandalism in this wiki, making sure the idea grows.

Writing about your organisation

The administrators have coined a template to format organisation pages in this wiki, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Everything needs to be factual. There is a lot of content here that can be potentially damaging, so we want anything added here to adhere strictly to facts.
  • One way to describe facts is to describe events. You give only the categorical details of what has happened. The other way is to describe the background. You explain how things currently are.
  • All opinions must strictly be in opinion sections. This way any reader can carefully distinguish between what we think should be done and what has already happened. Any interpretations of how things look also fall under opinion.
  • Privacy is important. This includes anyone making an opinion here or editing and you will be completely anonymous if you choose to. However, it also includes anyone who is being written about. So unless there's a really good reason to include names, they shall be avoided.
  • In particular, even incidents with individuals will still (try to) respect their privacy and their names will be withheld. This is not a place for witch-hunts and justice, only for comparison and solutions.

Sections for your organisation page

There are various sections into which this wiki is divided.

  • Mapping features. This is strictly a fact based section where we list down the inherent features of all college. All the features are the same for all colleges.
  • Incidents. This is a fact based section on what has happened in the college. Every incident is a separate subsection for each college.
  • Opinions and suggestions. Here users may submit opinions and suggestions on what to do. This is an opinion based section.

The mapping features are the freedoms on which the wiki expects to compare and contrast across Universities. Editors are encouraged to bring in as many proof as possible, which can be as per described in the proof section.

Mapping Features

The Mapping features/freedom can be divided to:

  1. Freedom to access technology: Here we expect contents related to the freedom of University inmates for access to technologies. This can be further divided to WiFi access restrictions, use of personal laptop and other mobile device restrictions, access to labs for a certain gender, and other restrictions in University campus or at the official Campus hostels.
  2. Freedom to work: Universities have a multitude of rules and regulations which often cause trouble for students to work from the Campus or hostel block. Areas covered here include various restrictions on accessing certain parts of the Campus or hostel during certain hours, any other rule which can hinder a particular gender to restrain from study/work, etc.
  3. Freedom to personal preferences: Certain universities have compulsory rules on forcing students to follow a practise (religious or other) on basis of the management interest. If this is forced, and the students are not comfortable with it, we would like to hear you. This section can cover how supportive/disruptive the institution is on valuing personal preference of students, and in case there are violations, editors are welcome to report with sufficient proof.
  4. Freedom to express: There are reported incidents of certain institutions shutting down the voice of students on sensible matters. Since this is tough to track and prove, the editors are encouraged to add content in this section only if they have a strong proof. If not, please add it to the discussion part.
  5. Freedom to mingle: Conservative universities often have ancient rules and mundane regulations on hindering interactions with the opposite gender. Editors are encouraged to write about the same with sufficient proofs as well.
  6. Gender discrimination: Many universities have certain restrictions on students (in university hostels or university campus) based on their gender. One is encouraged to write about such incidents or restrictions with the proofs.


Keeping data in this wiki factual is as important as adding in contents. This will only ensure that the Universities to act on it, rather than discarding as defamation attack. This would mean that every single item quoted on this wiki should have one or more of the following proofs:

  1. Excerpt from University rule (maybe from rules and regulation book, properly cited with public URL). In case this is not available, proper photograph of the same would be enough.
  2. Photographs of notice, rules which are signed and not counterfeited.
  3. Audio/Visual proofs

Note: The editors of this wiki are warned to not end up in trouble trying to collect any one of the above proofs. Any other proof should mention what exactly it is, and how it is related to the topic, or else the supported content and the proof will be reverted. Also, by uploading any image or media related proofs on this wiki, editors are agreeing to release it under Creative Commons CC BY-SA license.

Contribution Guidelines

  1. You can use VisualEditor to edit/create pages in this wiki by clicking 'Edit', or to source edit, use 'Edit Source' from the top left editing toolbar.
  2. If your University has multiple campus, please name it like 'Your College Name, Your University Name'. For eg, if your University name is Perfect and your Campus name is Wonderful, your campus page should be created with the name 'Wonderful Campus, Perfect University'
  3. You can find basic formatting help here -
  4. You can be anonymous by editing/creating a page without logging in to this wiki - this is totally fine, and until you are quoting facts - the administrators are happy with it. Your IP will be noted when you are editing without creating an account. To mask it, think about using a VPN or use one among the free online proxies available online.

To write about a new organisation/university, please enter the entities name in the following box and click on 'Create page'.

The guidelines can be also found here

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