Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus

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Amrita Scool of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus

Mapping Features[edit source]

Incidents[edit source]

  1. Since an alumini of Amritapuri Campus is involved in the creation of this wiki and has expressed his opinions on archaic rules and regulations in Kerala, the institution seems to have labeled it as "defamation". Students who are associated with the club to which the alumini used to belongs to, seem to have suffered the worst. The college seems to think that the club promotes anti establishment views, which is not true. We are constantly in fear of being expelled for no reason, as while joining we are forced to sign documents that state that the University is allowed to expel it's students when it wishes, and that we cannot question the expulsion. We have no student union, or any kind of institution that can look into potential abuse of authority, which leads to ruining lives of hopeful youngsters. As such students are afraid to speak out. There have been cases of expulsions and suspensions on unjustifiable grounds before.

Opinions[edit source]

It is extremely sad to see these events happening. Especially, in many of the situations, the private managements don't support the existence of any student unions and the students are not in a position to voice their opinions/ suggestions. This is totally against the democratism our country has. The recent events are all a consequence of this extreme rules to suppress the student powers.

Suggestions[edit source]